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About us

Skillbricks provides Online Training on vertical range of technologies utilizing State-of-art Infrastructure that resembles the professional environment. The students trained by our organization will have an extra benefit of facilities that resemble the real time environment.

There are many aspiring individuals who are keen to get trained on various business tools for stepping on the real time platform to secure a successful IT career with top most companies. There are also technical experts who are working in the IT industry and trying to enhance their skills to build a multiskilled profile for being picked up for the senior roles in the top most companies. The main huddle most of them are facing is “proper training with skilful experts”.

Skillbricks is providing a perfect solution for the aspirants by giving excellent trainers who are ready to share their knowledge. We also reach the students in all parts of the world by using latest web technologies like GOTOMEETING, WEBEX etc...

Vision & Mission


Skillbricks is a collective unit with an ideal vision to become a leading company in the field of IT training. We should get recognized in the market for delivering first-rate business value in a cost effective manner.


Our mission is to provide innovative solutions filled with intuitive features for the growth of our clients. In the process, we would like to make stern efforts for the growth of our company with powerful ethic and principles. Along with our growth we would like to see the growth for all stakeholders of our company and stand as a source for inspiration to the community.

Corporate Values

Skillbricks is built on the base pillar of maintaining good relationship with the clients. We work closely with our clients to deliver high quality services in a cost effective manner. We will be always a step ahead in fulfilling the expectations of our customers.

Skillbricks shows great respect towards its technical aces alongside encouraging and recognizing them for their innovative achievements.

We maintain professional standards in all relationships with the stakeholders and share holders. We care for our customers, business partners and the community.